"Hawks" for Kerry

Michael J. Totten makes a pretty good case.

For more, I recommend Don's summary post on Anger Management.

UPDATE: For the record, I do plan on voting for Kerry for president. Yes, I do consider him to be repugnant, disgraceful and thoroughly obnoxious. But I believe strongly that the worst enemies of Capitalism and America are its "defenders" who base their defense on altruism, blind-traditionalism and/or the argument that no man is good enough to rule over others leaving freedom as the only alternative for us "flawed" humans. More on that in a few days.

As for the national security concerns over a Kerry Presidency [no, I don't like the sound of that at all], I don't think any reasonable American expects that America will not have another attack on its soil in the near future. President Bush's altruistic, appeasing wars [nothing wrong with wars, everything wrong with how they were conducted] and homeland defense [which has never permanently won a war in history] have not given anyone the confidence that we are safe now, least of all President Bush himself.

If we grant that another attack will occur in America, the question is how will the country and its President will react. I think we all have a good idea how President Bush would react, with strong words and appeasing actions; with altruism as the touchstone of it all. I believe that because Kerry is a disgustingly pragmatic politician [who can argue that he doesn't take every position he can on a subject, depending on the audience], his response would be very much dictated by the country's and the Republicans' outcry. [Remember that under President Bush, there is no organized political group to argue against his policies from the right; and any one who doesn't support his policies is commonly seen as helping the enemy.] Under a Democratic President, the Republicans' statements [which, lately, usually advocate action that is much better than the action that they actually undertake] will be the driving dissenting voice in the nation. If we are attacked under Kerry's Presidency and he tries to appease the world and blatantly defaults on America's self-defense, I believe it would be political suicide for him.

Incidentally, the above should explain why I am aiming for a Republican Congress [that and the fact that I despise Patty Murray; voting against her will be the highlight of November 2nd for me, even though she will probably win again].

I plan on taking the same stance here in Washington: voting Democrat for governor and Republican for state legislature [gridlock, you are my friend]; and against any Libertarians on any other part of the ballot.


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