The Belmont Club on the war that so many want to pretend we're not in

Another great post by Wretchard at the Belmont Club today. Emphasis in the original:
Radical Islam is self-evidently at war with the West because their efforts are limited only by their capability. And the West is just as clearly not yet at war with radical Islam because its actions are still limited by its intent. Zarqawi sawed off Bigley's head simply because he could; America spares Fallujah from choice. That inability to think of ourselves as being truly at war underlay the rejection of Mark Steyn's column. He had only stated the obvious.
While he doesn't address this criticism explicitely to President Bush, I would like to, "Mr. President, radical islam is at war with the West, with its secular respect for reason, and we should be at war with it. A real war; i.e. one that we are trying to win."


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