Reason number 8,241,734 why the UN is, de facto, an evil organization

At Belmont Club, Wretchard discusses the recommendations of a United Nations panel for making institutional changes to the UN. The big unstated reason is to try and restrain the United States. With a big dose of moral relativism and Just War Theory:
"It said that if the arguments for "anticipatory self-defense" in such cases were good ones, they should be put to the Security Council, which would have the power to authorize military action under guidelines including the seriousness of the threat, the proportionality of the response, the exhaustion of all alternatives and the balance of consequences. Apparently in anticipation of objections from Washington over that requirement, the report said, 'For those impatient with such a response, the answer must be that, in a world full of perceived potential threats, the risk to the global order and the norm of nonintervention on which it continues to be based is simply too great for the legality of unilateral preventive action, as distinct from collectively endorsed action, to be accepted. Allowing one to so act is to allow all.'"[International Herald Tribune]


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